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Business Owners

Straightforward Guidance from Iowa City Financial Advisors

You’ve sacrificed a lot personally to build your business, and you deserve a payoff for that investment. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges facing business owners, and we enjoy helping others navigate the challenges unique to their business and industry.

We provide personally tailored strategies to meet your unique goals surrounding tax minimization, succession planning, and appropriate employer retirement plans. 

What’s more, we understand that a long list of operational to-dos can keep you from having time to assess what opportunities are available to influence cash flow, enhance competitive advantages, and ultimately improve the value of your business. For you personally, your business is the largest factor impacting your current and future lifestyle, so it’s critical that it be given the analysis that it deserves.

By way of our consulting practice, MFG Business Advisors, we’ll help you understand growth potential and return on invested capital. We do this by examining historical and future expectations, then applying what is learned through the valuation framework.

We start by establishing strategic objectives that lead to key metrics, such as debt targets and operating margins. Focused on the long-term goals of an organization, we will work together to:

  • Analyze expansion plans and expected post-expansion valuation.

  • Manage cash flow and assess the appropriate investments to drive company value.

  • Understand value creation and the impact of capital choices on key business metrics.

  • Determine the valuation of the business for the purpose of internal analysis and/or selling your business.

  • Develop a small business owners’ plan for retirement, an often neglected consideration given the complexities of running a business.

Fiduciary Advisors

How Our
Process Works
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1. Introduction

First, we get to know each other— what your life is like, what is most important to you, and what your hopes and dreams are. We’ll help you get to know us, too. We believe that honesty and trust are key to fostering a productive advisor relationship.

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2. Goal Setting

Next, well review your financial data to get a sense of where you are today and how we can improve your financial future. We brainstorm goals unique to you and assess what future liabilities may be present, so we can plan for those as well.

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3. Planning

Our advisors then prepare a recommended financial plan focused on hitting your personalized goals. Our fiduciary standard ensures that recommendations are in your best interest — not to sell financial products or generate commissions.

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4. Management

After we implement the recommendations, you can rely on us to constantly monitor outcomes and track the progress towards your goals. We’ll work together to adjust the plan for life changes or market returns.

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